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2. Transparency, trustworthiness and effectiveness

TWG Leader: Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (HU)

The topical working group focusing on transparency, trustworthiness and effectiveness addresses issues causing lack of trust within general population in international development aid and its agents. It first analyzes objections to trustworthiness of international aid efforts currently present in Central Europe. Afterwards it prepares guidelines and recommendations to enhance trust by tools such as, but not limited to, more detailed and responsive provision of publicly accessible information (open reporting), measures to increase awareness about organizations’ actions, results and impact of help in developing countries etc. Outputs of the topical working group may also serve NGDOs as tools to assess one’s own effectiveness and efficiency along several indicators important to existing and potential donors such as efficiency of working with volunteers, efficiency of using in-kind donations or efficiency of distributing aid in target countries.

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    This project is funded by the European Union.

    This project is implemented with financial support by the Slovak Aid.