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1. Fundraising for humanitarian vs. development aid

TWG Leader: People in Need (CZ)

One of the four thematic areas focuses on highlighting differences and similarities in fundraising strategies for humanitarian aid versus development aid. From previous experience it appears to be somewhat easier to raise private funds for humanitarian causes. Especially when it is related to natural disasters (tsunami, earthquake, flood, etc.) or armed conflicts, people tend to give donations to support immediate and visible humanitarian actions. The media is interested in their activities and provides space to communicate their messages.

On the contrary, gaining private support for development projects in developing countries appears to be extremely difficult. Development projects could be more costly, many times providing intangible results. It is more difficult to measure their effectiveness, and to communicate development goals and their achievements to the public. It is difficult to raise private money in Central European countries with average income well below that of the old EU states to support development initiatives while local living conditions would also demand major improvements.

Overall, while humanitarian aid organizations are able to mobilize some private funds, development NGDOs are far less successful in their fundraising initiatives. The TWG on fundraising for humanitarian vs. development aid will analyze the problem, collect cases and best practices, and will attempt to formulate recommendations on improvements in fundraising approaches to humanitarian and development topics.

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