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Topical Working Groups

Goal of the activity:
Gather and reflect on fundraising experience for humanitarian and development causes and produce knowledge base through:

  • Identifying and collecting best practices, challenges, and lessons learnt
  • Reflecting and generalizing criteria, and compiling an overview on what works well in different areas of fundraising for development and humanitarian causes in the region
  • Formulating recommendations on systemic improvements in raising private funds

There are a total of four Topical Working Groups (TWGs) on different fundraising-related topics. Each of the national partners leads one TWG and nominates experts into the other TWGs so that geographical and topical diversity is ensured. Each group consists of up to four experts on fundraising/development from involved partner countries and it is coordinated by a working group leader responsible for the tasks and outputs of the group.

The topics of the topical working groups include:

  1. Fundraising for humanitarian vs. development aid
  2. Transparency, trustworthiness and effectiveness
  3. Supporting mechanisms/strategies for private funds mobilization
  4. Raising private funds in digital and networked society

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