Target groups

  1. NGDOs in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and their practitioners, especially those dealing with fundraising, public outreach or public awareness
    The focus is on practitioners who wish to exchange experience, new knowledge and skills necessary for effective fundraising from private sources.
  2. Fundraisers, fundraisers’ associations and marketing professionals with experience in mobilizing private resources for humanitarian and development issues in Central European countries and the United Kingdom
    The focus is on experts prepared to share their knowledge and experience and those committed to long-term work in the development and humanitarian fields.
  3. National NGDO Platforms in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary representatives of CONCORD and CONCORD members
    This group is crucial in achieving broader acceptance of the Transparency Guidelines, implementation of national activities and dissemination of action outputs.
  4. Representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and/or national aid agencies distributing development and humanitarian aid from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary
    These stakeholders are targeted to achieve impact of the action on national level and higher visibility of the action.
  5. Representatives of Community institutions
    The planned international conference will create forum in which to interact and conduct discussions with these key stakeholders, and thus achieve higher visibility and multiplication effect of the action.

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    This project is funded by the European Union.

    This project is implemented with financial support by the Slovak Aid.