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book in pdfHearts And Money Beyond Borders: Fundraising from individuals for development and relief

The book contains 16 case studies from Central European countries and 5 case studies from the United Kingdom with learning points and recommendations for fundraisers. It is an outcome of the work of 24 experts within Topical Working Groups of this project and offers experience of two dosens of NGDOs in CEE countries and United Kingdom.

Fundraising is about people and long-term relationships with them. It is not just money and methods that count. Effective and responsible fundraising can never be a manipulation. Rather, it is an invitation for those living around us to participate on fulfilling our common mission.

The case studies show living examples that people are willing to participate – even with their own money – on making this world more just and a better place to live for all. Will you enable them to do so through your organisation?


English version (.pdf, 9,3 MB)

- iPad English version (.epub, 3,4 MB)

- Kindle English version (.mobi, 2,3 MB)

Czech translation (.pdf, 6,8 MB)

Hungarian translation (.pdf, 6,1 MB)

Polish translation (.pdf, 6,5 MB)

Slovak translation (.pdf, 6,8 MB)

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