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National activities

The national activities focus on fundraising capacity building and dissemination of collected knowledge on the national level. The key actors in national activities are, besides the national partners, the national NGDO platforms. The activities include:

  • Practical fundraising assistance to NGDOs
    Practical fundraising assistance to NGDOs targets the level of organizations and through consultancy it improves their strategies for raising private funds.
  • National fundraising seminars
    National fundraising seminars target individuals who can multiply the knowledge and pass the information to others and/or influence the overall environment and approaches to fundraising.
  • Round tables
    Round tables try to reach the systemic level and introduce improvements that could enhance fundraising from private sources for development in general from the point of view of NGDO platforms.

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    This project is funded by the European Union.

    This project is implemented with financial support by the Slovak Aid.